Wednesday, 31 May 2017

DON’T TREAT ME LIKE THAT 💔Surprisingly common jewellery mistakes that can lead to heartbreak💔

They are likely to be among your most valuable belongings; not just because they’re some of the most expensive purchases you’ve made, but because they are steeped in sentimental significance too. Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen definitely does not apply to your fine jewellery. In the interests of avoiding any further heartbreak and disappointment in a world where there are not enough Ryan Goslings to go around, and because sharing is caring, here are some everyday things to look out for that might come between your shiny future together:    Square Brilliance Ring

You Look Drained💔
Surviving a rigorous shampoo, body scrub and loofah shower session can be tricky for delicate chains and lose earrings.  Next thing you know you’re racing off for a ridiculously early meeting with an overly spritely colleague or to catch a private plane for your scorching date with newly single MonsieurPitt, applying makeup and affixing jewellery on the fly; You’re rushed and (understandably) distracted - and at heightened risk of dropping your precious little lovelies. We're all aware large drains and manholes are Public Enemy Number 1 when it comes to keeping your Manolos safe, but they’ve claimed their fair share of bling, wallets and car keys too. For a Grate Escape, make sure all chain clasps are fastened properly, all earring backings are on and your seat is in the upright position.

Not In Public
Just in case you needed another phobia about public toilets; Imagine the heartbreak of leaving your precious ring on the ledge of a busy public bathroom sink, we’ve all heard the horror stories, someone took off their ring to wash their hands, walked out without it only to return in a panic, praying for a miracle and promising to do more good deeds if only it’s still there #forgetmenot
 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Hair Raising Experience
Shampoos, hair-care products, dyes and treatments are often up to no good when it comes to your jewellery. So say it, don’t spray it and spare a thought for your precious pearls and other ear and neck candy when it comes to hairspray and perfumes. Prevent contact by covering and protecting them to avoid losing lustre and polish or even eroding certain gemstones. Save these items for lucky last once you’ve finished all your other prep and there's no shpritzing 💃 #heresonewepreparedearlier

Nailed It
With the increased popularity of outsourcing our weekly manicures, we also tend to take off our rings a lot more often and, with busy schedules, we just may rush out of the salon with shiny nails and a ring-less finger (what would Beyonce say!)

Potions and Lotions
These may be great for your skin, but they’re not so great for your diamonds, pearls, gems and other jewellery; building up around settings and dulling the brightness. Caked-on beauty products, lotions, makeup, soap scum or dirt can create a film obscuring your diamond’s surface so it refracts less light, limiting its ability to shine… (now Rhianna’s cranky too).

Bend it Like Beckham
Sporty Spices know that it’s best to bench the jewellery for the game, to avoiding injury and loss. However, for all you reno-fans and DIYers, moving heavy items like furniture, using metal tools or even lifting weights, could dent or bend the shank (the part of the ring that sits on the inside of your hand) and this could possibly compromise the setting. So, if you know you’re in for some tuff stuff, then leave your ring safely at home…and we won’t judge if you parade around the gym looking very eligible. #gentlemenformanorderlyline

Surf and Turf
Slippery suntan oils and creams can make it a bit easier for your ring to slide around, or even off (gasp!) your finger…and add that to the force of a wave or shrinkage in the chilly water (we’re talkin’ fingers, cheeky) you have a recipe for ring slippage and ring loss

Ironically pearls, despite their ocean origins, get a little precious about exposure to water or excessive sunlight, leading to discoloration or other damage.

Size Matter
But not the way you think. We know every diamond ring is precious to the wearer, so we’re not talking about the stone, but the actual ring itself:
Make sure yours fits your finger perfectly -  don’t think you’ll get around to it one day, or tell yourself it’s just a fraction too loose. If you lose, or gain (damn you Ben and Jerry) weight, have it resized – not only will it feel more comfortable, but it will be less likely to fall off or inadvertently be taken off, fiddled with, and eventually lost during a boring meeting (*dabs eye*). #learnedthehardway 
                                                                                  Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Ring                                                            

Great Lengths
Remember to protect your longer chains, and dangling pendants, as they could be more vulnerable to getting caught or tangled, causing knots or breakage. Don’t let them become fashion victims either, getting caught on buttons and zips while you’re trying on clothes.

Chip of the Ol Block
Yes, diamonds are one of nature’s hardest materials, but that doesn't mean they’re invincible (*blinks away mental image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor*). Many people mistakenly think that a cut and polished diamond cannot chip, then discover the hard way that the table of a cut diamond (the flat /top surface area) can sometimes be susceptible to wear and tear.

That's Harsh
We could’ve also gone with Chemical Brothers too, but you can see where this is going: Abrasive chemicals or cleaning agents, like bleaches and harsh detergents, will ultimately damage your Precious ring and no amount of Hobbits can save it.

Massage In A Bottle
While you might be partial to a deep tissue massage, chances are your jewellery isn’t - especially when getting rolled or twisted, putting strain on links, loops and hinges. Don’t leave them behind either. 
Necklaces and bracelets have abandonment issues too.

Gimme Some Room
No-one likes to be squashed or scratched, so it’s important to ensure each item is cleaned and stored safely with adequate space, to minimize any damage. A good jeweller should provide you with suede or velvet pouches and boxes with dedicated spaces for individual pieces.
Personal Space; we all need it, even your jewellery. 

Just like your teeth, it seems your diamond ring, and precious jewellery will also benefit from a regular, professional, clean and polish …. And, in-between these professional visits, you can gently clean your own with, wait for it, a delicate jewellery cloth and your diamond rings with a soft (child’s) toothbrush, warm water and a little (mild) dish-washing detergent. ...........................................................................
. .💭💭💭Note to self: find that hot dentist Rob, who never turned around in the Oral B ads, see if he’s legit and book an appointment…….*falls down internet rabbit hole searching for images of towel-clad dentist from central casting*.......................Diamond Bezel Set Studs

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